In the US Education System, there are certain standards that are used to guide school instruction. Videoclass adheres to these standards to ensure that all of the lessons found on our site are aligned correctly to what is being taught in public schools.


College and University level curriculum in the US is based on both a stream-lined curriculum with strict requirements as well as more eclectic assortment of classes allowing for experimentation. Videoclass provides University level videos that include lessons that address all content areas.

Welcome to VideoClass! A website that provides video lessons for every taught subject in the United States. It’s easy to become an instructor and fun to be a student! All VideoClass Instructors provide content rich lessons to ensure students receive a superior learning experience. Instructors have the ability to share or sell their knowledge by creating their own original video lessons, exercises as well as any supplemental materials. Students can explore lessons and use VideoClass as a tool to expand their education! Join the VideoClass community to discover and share in the wealth of knowledge!

Video Class provides a software program called VCrec, which will allow you to record your computer screen. VCrec has the capability of adding images and text, PowerPoint and Paint, syncing with a stylus, and recording voice and video.

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